Tommy Frisk

First Apperance

Every Breath You Take

Last Apperance

Every Breath You Take


Lance Carlyle's lung transplant succsessful


early 20s





Organ donor

Living organ donor



Portrayed by

Maximilian Osinki

Tommy Frisk is the living donor of Lance Carlyle, along with Gwen Richards. When the firefighters are trying to put out the fire downtown, Lance and Jimmy Hanks are injured. At Three Rivers Medical Center, Gwen tells her team that Lance and Jimmy are in bad shape. Tommy Frisk is furious, telling Gwen that if Lance trusted her, Jimmy wouldn't have gotten hurt. Dr. Andy Yablonski is confronted by Gwen and the rest of Lance's team. Andy askes if Lance has family near here, but they tell him that they're all that Lance has for family. Andy explains to Lance's team that Lance is too sick to get a new pair of lungs, but they can do another procudure: Andy can transplant one lobe of the lungs from a living donor, and another lobe from another donor on the other side. Andy also explains that the lobes will expaned, and eventaully, fill his chest; Lance's firefighting days will be over. All the firefighters agree for Andy to test them. As the firefighters are testing, they visit Jimmy, who is being treated by Dr. Miranda Foster. They explain to Jimmy that the captain needs part of their lung's to survive. Jimmy immeadiltely says that he wants to donate too, but Miranda says that he needs to recover. A nurse askes who is next on the list for testing when Miranda tells the nurse to test Jimmy, and she'll test Gwen. Andy tells Tommy that he is a match; Tommy accepts. Andy and Miranda are about to take Jimmy, who was the second donor, into the OR when Gwen she'll do the transplant, not Jimmy, since Jimmy hasn't recovered yet. Preped for surgeory, Tommy apologizes to Gwen for his behavior earlier. Gwen takes Tommy's hand as they go into the OR, signaling that she forgives him. Lance's transplant is successful. Lance isn't certain if Gwen will accept his thanks, but Andy encourages him to try. Everyone in Lance's team, including Gwen, greet him.

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