Steve O'Hara

First Apperance

Where We Lie

Last Apperance

Where We Lie


Daughter's liver transplant successful


early 30s


Megan O'Hara (Daughter, alive)

Val O'Hara (Wife, alive)



Portrayed by

Josh Randall

Steve O' Hara is the father of Megan O'Hara and the husband of Val O'Hara. Megan, their daughter, a young gymnast, is getting ready to begin her routine. In the middle of her performance, she loses her grip and falls to the mat. He and his wife scream for help. When he and Val arrive at Three Rivers, Dr. Miranda Foster explains that Megan overdosed on pain pills and has damaged her liver, she needs a transplant. Her parents, Steve and Val, are told that they could donate a portion of their liver to Megan. Both parents agree to be tested. Miranda and Dr. Sophia Jordan have the results from Steve and Val, neither of them are a match. As the leave the room, they discuss the fact that it is impossible for that they are both her parents, the blood types just don't add up. Dr. Jordan states that she will give them time to ingest the information and if they don't come looking for her, she will talk to them. Val shares the news with her husband that he is not the father of Megan. Steve tells her he needs some air and leaves. Megan's biological father, Jim Santos is found and bought into the hospital. The situation is explained and he states he cannot help. He explains that he has a family and he can not miss work. Miranda finds Steve outside of the hospital and they talk. Steve comes back into the hospital and finds Jim. Jim decides that he needs to help Megan and agrees to the donation.

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