Sally White

First Apperance

Alone Together

Last Apperance

Alone Together


Husband declared brain dead


early 30s


Jackson White (Husband, deaceased)



Portrayed by

Corrine Reilly

Sally White is the wife of Jackson White. In West Virginia, Sally is pounding on the door of a house, looking for Jackson. A woman answers the door and the wife notes she knows her husband is here as his car is out front. We see the man climbing out the window in the back of the house and runs towards his car. He ends up walking out in the street without looking and is hit by a truck. In West Virginia, Sally, is informed that Jackson is brain dead and they as about his organs. She agrees to donate them, although due to the accident, most of the organs are damaged, but his liver is fine. She goes to his bedside and says a final goodbye.


  • (To her brain dead husband) "You know all the B.S. about if you love something set it free. Well I was lying in our waterbed thinking about all that and it hit me. You know if you ever left me cold, and you went off with that tramp, that's what she is Jackson; I'm sorry but I saw her shoe collection, I was thinking even though I couldn't have you, I would still wish that you were alive somewhere in this world. Be free my love."

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