Rose Lasky

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green




mid 40s


Bus driver





Portrayed by

Sandra Milliner

Rose Lasky was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center and the bus driver for the Eagels'. When a parent of Blair Hubbell yells at him, she tells Bobby when he has kids, "don't eve talk to them like that," and laugh. In the aftermath of the bus crash, The bus driver, Rose Lasky, is brought in with the EMT's performing CPR. David takes over, ordering several doses of medications to help stimulate the heart; nothing happens. Then David pops his head in and asks Dr. Jordan if he can call time of death and she tells him to continue. Shortly after, Rose's heart begins to beat on its own. Dr. Jordan tells David that had he been needed elsewhere, she would have let him pronounce her dead.

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