Mark Wilson

First Apperance


Last Apperance



Died from a clot in his lung




Sue Wilson (Wife, alive)





Portrayed by

Phillip Winters

Mark Wilson was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center, and the husband of Sue Wilson. Dr. Miranda Foster is checking on him. The two are consantly arguing about "a bunch of guys who would rather die than admit defeat," the Spartans, and "a bunch of wine-drinking sex addicts wearing togans," the Romans. Just then, Sue Wilson, Mark's wife, appears, amused that the they are having this argument again, with Dr. Andy Yablonski in tow. Andy explains that he is concerned that Marc hasn't gotten any lungs yet, and his condition is worsening. Andy proposes that Mark should be put on ECMO. Miranda shows Andy Mark's x-ray of Mark's lungs. Andy is worried about what's bulding up in his lungs. Andy says that Mark only has a few days. Miranda visits Mark, and tells him not to give up. He is very greatful for taking care of him. Miranda intorduces Mark, and the others believe that Mark is too sick to transplant. Miranda proposes getting another pair of lungs, and talks to Sue. Sue gives her her consent. Miranda goes over a list with Sue, when Ryan shows them that a pair of lungs are availble. Miranda and Sue hug. Miranda and her team are on the donor run. Andy tells Pam if Mark's condition changes, page him. Mark is going into the OR as the teams flies through a hurricane. Miranda and the others are back. As Miranda walks in with the lungs, she is infomed by Andy that Mark died.


  • (To Miranda) "You're a good girl. You take good care of me."

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