Mahmoud Rahimi

First Apperance

Place of Life

Last Apperance

Place of Life


Put off life support




Layla Rahimi (Wife, alive)

Ada Rahimi (Daughter, alive)


Chief of Contruction



Organ donor



Portrayed by

Bernard White

The chief of a construction work crew, Mahmoud Rahimi was a donor for Teri Dawson, a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center.  In Cleveland, after Mahmoud helped a young a man, Mahmoud tumbleed down several floors below when he stepped on a unstable beam. In Northern Ohio Reginal Hospital, Mahmoud was declared brain dead. As Layla, his wife, greives at his bedside, a docotor said that there was an option for organ donation, as Mahmoud was a registered organ donor. Layla said that she wanted to wait until their daughter arrived. Ada, their daughter, and Layla agreed to test him before giving his organs up for donation. As Dr. David Lee and Ryan Abbot arrived for the heart, they are informed that the heart was put on hold. Ryan loudly stated that the heart was for a pregnant woman to the family, David tells him that the donation has to be a gift. Ryan is able to pursuade Ada to donate the heart and the other organs. Mahmoud's family said good-bye as Mahmoud was put off life support. The heart transplant was succusful.     

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