Lydia Ramirez

First Apperance

Good Intentions

Last Apperance

Good Intentions











Portrayed by

Ion Overman

Lydia Ramirez was a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center and the patient of Dr. Sophia Jordan. Lydia is exiting her home and is shot unintentionally as a car drives by her home, aiming at the young out front on the sidewalk. Lydia is brought into the ER and Dr. Jordan attends to her. Lydia is pleased to have a female doctor, feeling she will be more understanding to her needs. She has a bullet wound in her lower abdomen and needs surgery. She is concern about some of her pending cases as there is no one to cover for her. Dr. Jordan tells her that the procedure should be routine, but that there are no guarantees. Dr. Jordan runs into complications in the operation of Lydia and is forced to make the choice of saving Lydia's uterus. Once Lydia is awake, she is informed of what happened and that her recovery time is double. She is very angry and scolds Dr. Jordan as she has no intentions or plans to have children. She tells Dr. Jordan to leave and threatens to sue her and the hospital. Lydia starts bleeding and Dr. Jordan rushes in to help her. Lydia blames the hospital, until Dr. Jordan realizes that she got out of bed to contact her office without permission, in order to start the legal case against Dr. Jordan. Dr. Jordan saves her life and Lydia is grateful.


  • (To Dr. Jordan) "The park where I learned to write a bike is full of drug dealers and gamebingrs. I spent every waking minute trying to hold the line so that decent people can lead a decent life, and have a little something, and not be afraid." 

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