Laura Stone

First Apperance

The Luckiest Man

Last Apperance

The Luckiest Man


Father put off life support


late 20s


Victor Stone (Father, deaceased)



Portrayed by

Jamie Brown

Also known as

Cookie (by Victor)

Laura Stone is the daughter of Victor Stone.  Laura, who Victor refers to as "Cookie" arrives at the hospital after he is injured in a car accident. They transport her father upstairs. To discover that there was a complication, they discovered that Victor's diaphragm was injured as well. Dr. Andy Yablonski explains that he needs to be on a respiratory and this may last for the duration of his life. Victor has decided that he wants to refuse medical treatment and wants to donate his heart to Kuol. Andy is stunned by the revelation, as is the entire hospital staff. Victor shares his wishes with his daughter who is very upset with her father. Victor tries to explain to her that he is taking back control of his life. Victor agrees to both donations. Dr. Jordan is present as Victor is signing the donation papers, noting that this is the first time the donor has actually signed the papers themselves. Laura appears stating she has a power of attorney over her father and tears up the donation papers. Andy takes Laura downstairs to see the donor party, telling her that there would be many more people here next year due to her father. She tells him that he was not there when she was growing up and she just wants more time. Andy convinces that this decision is not about her, but about Victor. She agrees to him make his own decisions. As Victor is being wheeled into the OR, many of the families that are benefiting from his donation are lining the hallway, to thank him for his gift. His daughter is there to have a final goodbye.

Quotes Edit

  • (To her father) "You heart is going nowhere. Don't say that. I am not going to let you commit suicide."
  • (To her father) "Well...I'm not."

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