Jimmy Hanks

First Apperance

Every Breath You Take

Last Apperance

Every Breath You Take











Portrayed by

Micheal Cassidy

Firefighters are trying to put out the fire downtown. The captain, Lance Carlyle, orders three of his firefighters to go with him to search for survivers; Gwen Richards, the lone female firefighter, is left behined. While resucing a surviver, Jimmy is caught under a beam. Lance tries to call for help, but to no avail until Gwen appears and they together they try to lift the beam. At Three River Medical Center, Gwen tells her team that Lance and Jimmy are in bad shape. Tommy Frisk is furious, telling Gwen that if Lance trusted her, Jimmy wouldn't have gotten hurt. The firefighters visit Jimmy, who is being treated by Dr. Miranda Foster. They explain to Jimmy that the captain needs part of their lung's to survive. Jimmy immeadiltely says that he wants to donate too, but Miranda says that he needs to recover. A nurse askes who is next on the list for testing when Miranda tells the nurse to test Jimmy, and she'll test Gwen. It turns out that Gwen was a match. Miranda tells her the same thing Dr. Andy Yablonski told a firefighter: she doesn't have to donate. Gwen shares that the former lieutenant tried to rape her, but Jimmy stepped in and stopped it. Gwen shared this with Lance, but he told Gwen that he didn't want the police involved. Gwen tells Miranda that Lance can die for what he did. Gwen visits Jimmy. Then Gwen is informed that Jimmy is going to be one of the donors for Lance. Gwen is astounded. Andy and Miranda are about to take Jimmy into the OR when Gwen she'll do the transplant, not Jimmy, since Jimmy hasn't recovered yet. Lance's transplant is successful. Lance isn't certain if Gwen will accept his thanks, but Andy encourages him to try. Everyone in Lance's team, including Gwen, greet him.

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