Jeremy Hayes

First Apperance

Ryan's First Day

Last Apperance

Ryan's First Day


Father died from a stroke


early 20s


Carson Hayes (Father, deaceased)



Portrayed by

Brock Cuchna

Jeremy Hayes is the son of Carson Hayes. Carson tries to reach out to Jeremy, whom he hasn't seen in over ten years. When Jeremy arrives at his father's room, he is angry, and tells his father to leave him alone as he storms out. Carson goes into a medical crisis and even through, they try to revive him, he dies. Dr. Miranda Foster returns to the hospital from her donor-fun to find Carson has died, and she finds Jeremy. They share that they both had problems with their fathers and both of their fathers died. 

Quotes Edit

  • (To Dr. Miranda Foster) "I've spent all my life hating him, I don't even know why I care."

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