First Apperance

A Roll of the Dice

Last Apperance

A Roll of the Dice


Fiance stabilized


mid 20s


Penelope Kirkell (Fiance, alive)



Portrayed by

Arjay Smith

Jared is the fiance of Penelope Kirkell. Jared came all the way from California to see Penelope after he heard that she was in the hospital. Pam Acosta talks with Jared about Peneople's condition, and he tells Pam that he knows nothing, as they hadn't been talking. Jared confeses that he may the reason why Penelope is here, but Pam discourages this, and shares that she has been in the exact same situation, and her fiance didn't make it. Peneople and Jared are together again as Pam confirms that Jeni was found with postion of the drug that caused Penelope to nearly die. Peneople is saddened by Jeni's jealous action towards her.


  • Jared is one out of ten characters whose last name is not mentioned.

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