Detective Ted Sandefur

First Apperance

Status 1A

Last Apperance

Status 1A


early 30s






Portrayed by

D.B. Sweeney

Detective Ted Sandefur is the detective involed in Kuol Adebe Ketebo's fund raiser. Dr. Andy Yablonski s walking in the hallway when he is confronted by Detective Ted Sandefur. Detective Sandefur wants to talk with Andy. He complements how much Andy has risen since Mt. Washington, and that he's here about his uncle, Micheal Zelasko. Detective Sandefur says that because Andy's uncle is a crimminal, the money is "dirty," and he will recieve a court order to seize it. He also wants Andy to rat out Micheal. Andy is not copperative, and Detective Sandefur says that he'll be back. Andy is confronted by Detective Sandefur again a couple days later, and he askes where the money is. Andy tells him happily that the money is spent, and the detective threatens Andy. Andy ignores him and leaves.


  • (To Andy) "This is about your slimebag uncle, wise ass, Micheal Zelasko."
  • (To Andy) "I don't care. I don't care you're married to Rena. I don't care you patched up Phillip Lombardi. None of that means jack to me."
  • (To Andy) "You just made the worst mistake of your life."

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