Chad Nevins

First Apperance

Code Green

Last Apperance

Code Green


Surgeory successful




Angela Nevins

(Sister and legal gaurdian, alive)


Eagles' football player




Portrayed by

Zack Lively

Chad Nevins was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center, and the teamate of Blair HubbellDr. Andy Yablonski sees Chad for a leg injury along with Dr. Tupper who believes that due to the open fractures, shattered bones and with the arteries compromised; they need to amputate, now. Chad is not happy and they wait for his sister, Angela, who is his legal guardian. Angela Nevins explains to Andy that Chad is 18 years old and their mom is dead and dad is locked up. She states that all Chad has is football to get him into college. Andy explains that there is another option but that Chad probably won't play football again. Andy states that they can try to reconstruct the leg. They begin prepping Chad for his surgery, and Chad's leg was not amputated, as what Chad wished.

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