Captain Lance Carlyle

First Appearance

Every Breath You Take

Last Apperance

Every Breath You Take


Laung transplant successful


mid 40s









Portrayed by

Brian Goodman

Captain Lance Carlyle is the recipient of Gwen Richards and Tommy Frisk. Firefighters are trying to put out the fire downtown. The captain, Lance Carlyle, orders three of his firefighters to go with him to search for survivers; Gwen, the lone female firefighter, is left behined. While resucing a surviver, Jimmy Hanks is caught under a beam. Lance tries to call for help, but to no avail until Gwen appears and they together they try to lift the beam. Gwen is upset that she was left behined before, but Lance tells her that if she can't lift up the beam, then she doesn't have anyone's back. Lance tells Gwen to put on her mask, as they're going in to find Patrick Moss, who is still inside the building. Gwen is able to find Patrick Moss, who is traped. Lance goes down to rescue him. Gwen calls for Lance as the building is creaking. Another firefighter comes and they together pull Patrick from the hole; Patrick has Lance's mask, and they hurriedly pull Lance from the hole as well. Lance is not breathing. At Three River Medical Center, Dr. Andy Yablonski is treating Lance, and is concerned about his lungs. Andy is confronted by Gwen and the rest of Lance's team. Andy askes if Lance has family near here, but they tell him that they're all that Lance has for family. Andy tells Ryan Abbott to find a pair of lungs for Lance; they only have a couple of hours. Andy is told by Ryan that there are no lungs for Lance anywhere; Andy says to keep on trying. Andy is trying to decide if he should put Lance off the venilater. He comes to the decision that Lance should be put on ECMO, despite the slim chance of Lance getting a new pair of lungs. Andy has inserted the ECMO into Lance's chest when Ryan tells him that he stopped searching because UNOS can't give lungs to a person who is so ill. Andy says he'll try a desprate approach. Andy explains to Lance's team that Lance is too sick to get a new pair of lungs, but they can do another procudure: Andy can transplant one lobe of the lungs from a living donor, and another lobe from another donor on the other side. Andy also explains that the lobes will expaned, and eventaully, fill his chest; Lance's firefighting days will be over. All the firefighters agree for Andy to test them. Gwen and Tommy agree to donate. Lance's transplant is successful. Lance isn't certain if Gwen will accept his thanks, but Andy encourages him to try. Everyone in Lance's team, including Gwen, greet him.

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