Brudy Boyle

First Apperance

Alone Together

Last Apperance

Alone Together


Liver transplant successful


late 50s


Unknown lover (Deaceased)


Theature proffessor






Portrayed by

David Costabile

Also known as

Mr. Boyle

Brudy Boyle, better known as Mr. Boyle, was a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center. His liver was donored by Jackson White. Mr. Boyle is a patient at Three Rivers has liver issues. It is noted that he has been treated at this hospital for years and knows Dr. Foster, Miranda's father. His condition has taken a turn for the worst and he has only days to live. He is an angry man and takes out his anger on the staff regularly. Ryan is informed that there is a liver for Mr. Boyle and Miranda is assigned to go and get it. While David is assigned to prepare Mr. Boyle for surgery. David heads into his room and they exchange derogatory remakes. David discovers that Mr. Boyle is gay and he lost his lover several years ago. He was unable to be at his side as the family pushed him out, including his lover's death. Dr. Jordan tells Mr. Boyle to hang they are working on the liver issue. They discuss Dr. Foster and that he died and he has lost so much in his life. Dr. Jordan and her team are prepping Mr. Boyle for surgery. As they are waiting for Miranda to arrive with the live, Mr. Boyles starts rambling about Dr. Jordan and Dr, Foster. He implies that Dr. Jordan and Dr. Foster had a romantic relationship. Dr. Jordan keeps stating that he is sedated and the other members of the team repeat that fact. Miranda comes in with the Liver and Mr. Boyles states mumbling about Dr. Foster and Miranda is told that he is sedated as the anesthesiologist puts him under completely. Mr. Boyle waked up from his surgery and sees white orchids and David. He is very moved by David's gesture and explains that he misjudged him. 


  • (To David)"Are you going to tell me about life and friends now? Life is watching your lover, of fifteen years, die of AIDS in a hospital you can't get into, because you are not so-called immediate family. I know first hand about life, Dr. Lee, so don't dare tell me why I don't have flowers in my room! "

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