Ben Parnell

First Apperance

Ryan's First Day

Last Apperance

Ryan's First Day


Kidney transplant successful


late 30s


Unamed wife (Alive)

Unnamed daughter (Alive)

Unnamed daughter (Alive)






Portrayed by

Cooper Thorton

Ben Parnell was a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center. His doctor was Dr. Sophia Jordan, and Ben's two kidneys were donored by Daniel Noonan. Dr. Jordan began her rounds with Ben, and checks in on hm. Ben has bad kidneys, and he is on kidney dialysis, needs it for eight hours three times a week, and has been receiving it for the past five years. Ryan receives his first donor notification, Daniel's kidneys are a match for Ben, and he begins making the appropriate arrangements. The transplant was succsessfull.    

Qoutes Edit

  • (To Dr. Sophia Jordan) "I've been on this machine for three times a week, eight hours a day for five years. My girls are in high school now. Are you telling me I can have my life back?"

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