Barbara Harris

First Apperance

The Luckiest Man

Last Apperance

The Luckiest Man




late 20s






Portrayed by

Joelle Carter

Barbara Harris was a patient of Three Rivers Medical Center and is a recipeint. Dr. Miranda Foster is helping set up for the annual donor/recipient celebration, and she and Ryan Abbott met Barbara, a former transplant patient who is looking forward to meeting the donor's family. During the set up, Barbara collapses and is rushed to the ER. Barbara is admitted to the hospital and is being treated for possible rejection. Miranda is confused by her case. Ryan mentions that she sat on the tarmac for over six hours just to get here. Miranda asks Ryan to check into the passengers, crewmembers to find out if there is anything else going on here. Ryan fins Miranda in the hallway and tells her he has news. It turns out that Barbara Harris did sit on the runway for over six hours and the man next to her got food poisoning. Miranda notes that food poisoning in an adult is not a great concern, but in a transplant patient is can cause sepsis. She is very pleased with Ryan. Barbara was seen in the donor/recipient celebration, meeting her donor's family, as she wished.

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