Auden Drinkwater

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Robert Drinkwater (Father, alive)

Susan Drinkwater (Mother, mentioned, alive)





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Cameron Monaghan

Auden Drinkwater was a paitent of Three Rivers Medical Center. His doctor was Dr. Miranda Foster. Auden was first seen in Pittsburgh, participating in a spelling bee. Auden fled to the backstage, where he coughed up blood. Auden was rushed to the hospital, with his father, Robert Drinkwater, in tow. It was revealed that the reason Auden was coughing up blood because he was swallowing metal; tweezrs and other items. Auden was having stomach problems, diarrhea, and Auden also had scar tissue that his father was not aware of. Miranda believed that it was something more personal. Auden's father said that his mother, Susan, wasn't home most of the time, leading Miranda to reach a conclusion: Auden may have been swallowing metal as a way to call attention to himself and get his mother's attention. That is not the case, when Auden says that he cannot help but to eat metal. Miranda figures out that Auden had a mineral deficiency. If he took vitamin supplements, along with counseling, that urge should go away in time and he should be his normal self agian.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Dr. Miranda Foster) "It's not what you think; it's not about my mom, about school, or anything like that."